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Strengths-Based Teamwork for Clinical Instructors is a Course

Strengths-Based Teamwork for Clinical Instructors

Time limit: 180 days

$110 Enroll

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Enroll Anytime, Anywhere! BPCC OnDemand provides the convenience of independent study that allows you to move through the course at your own pace.

This course has been approved for 4 administrative CEU hours by the Louisiana Physical Therapy Board.

Why should you settle for a clinical rotation that doesn't live up to its potential? Allow MoCo to help facilitate enhanced leadership skills and teach you and your student how to find and function in your strength zones. Strengths based teamwork improves your communication and adds value to you and your student. The content in this course will provide you with a framework for understanding each other, which improves engagement, increases productivity, and creates a better experience for everyone involved.

Who is the audience for this course? Are you a Clinical Instructor or a Physical Therapist who wants to learn how to increase engagement and productivity? If so, this course is for you!

Course Outline - This course has 9 modules that contain live recorded lectures, PowerPoint slides, and scenarios to further enhance your learning.

Description -The purpose of this course is to promote team engagement amongst students, employees, and co-workers. The overall productivity has the potential to be significantly increased which in-turn ultimately affects the success of your students and the bottom line! 

Objectives – Understanding Yourself and Your Student to Maximize Learning:

  • Introduction and History of MoCo and Strengths Finder
  • Personal Application in a Clinical Setting
  • Clinical Engagement
  • Your Talents and Gallup's Definitions
  • How you See the World
  • The 4 Domains of Team Strength

Instructors - 
Melanie Massey Groves: Owner/Operator of MoCo. Melanie, a Licensed Physical Therapist, is also the founder and owner of 5 outpatient therapy clinics across North Louisiana. 
Brian Russell: CLO for MoCo and a Licensed Physical Therapist 

Disclaimer: This course has been created in partnership between BPCC OnDemand and MoCo Leadership. By enrolling in this course you are agreeing to both parties having access to the personal information you provide as well as course completion information.