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Classroom Management is a Course

Classroom Management

Time limit: 120 days

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In today's world, managing a college classroom can be harder than ever.  There are many issues that need to be addressed that did not exist even 10 years ago. Classroom Management is here to help! This course focuses on how to manage a modern college classroom by evaluating how to build relationships, de-escalate situations, and teach different generations as well as students from poverty. 

Who is the audience for this course? The main audience for this course is college instructors/professors. However, this course can help anyone who teaches your average college level student to include focus on the adult learner, 15-21 year old at-risk youth, or any other special population who may challenge management of a classroom. 
Course Outline - This course has 8 modules that contain live recorded lectures, PowerPoint slides, and activities to further enhance your learning.
Description - This course is designed to help participants learn how to manage their classrooms in today's learning environment.  Classroom Management provides participants with methods for how to work with all generations. This allows the instructor to be proactive in setting guidelines which should lead to decreased disciplinary issues in the classroom. 

 – Participants will complete this course with fresh ideas to create a more positive environment for themselves and their students.
  • Learn the importance of sharing your story with your students. 
  • Learn the 5 myths that hinder your practice of effective classroom management. 
  • Learn the importance of building relationships with your students.
  • Learn the importance of building routines in the classroom for effective classroom management.
  • Learn practice steps to manage discipline in your classroom.
  • Learn practical steps to manage your classroom in the first days of class.
  • Challenge yourself with these provided scenarios and hear how College Professors suggest they would handle each scenario. 
  • Course Conclusion with additional information and take-away resources. 
Instructor - Ms. Desiree Alexander, Ed.S. is an award-winning, multi-degreed educator who has been in the educational field since 2002. She is currently the Regional Director of North Louisiana for the Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana. She is the Founder CEO of Educator Alexander Consulting, LLC. She consults with members of several schools/businesses and presents at conferences nationwide.

Disclaimer: This course has been created in partnership between BPCC OnDemand and Educator Alexander, LLC. By enrolling in this course you are agreeing to both parties having access to the personal information you provide as well as course completion information.